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Pioneering Drug Delivery Technologies

Through a growth-oriented business strategy, and powered by our advanced formulation expertise and unique drug delivery technologies, we are a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of specialty prescription pharmaceutical products.

Our generic division has a wealth of experience and a track record of product approvals. Investing in our people is a key ingredient to our success and a benefit in building a strong organization. As of February 7, 2014, we marketed 117 generic pharmaceutical products representing dosage variations of 38 different pharmaceutical compounds through our Global Division, and eight other generic pharmaceutical products, representing dosage variations of three different pharmaceutical compounds, through our alliance and collaboration agreement partners. As of February 7, 2014, our marketed generic products include, but are not limited to, authorized generic Adderall XR®, authorized generic Trilipix® delayed release capsules, fenofibrate (generic to Lofibra®) and oxymorphone hydrochloride extended release tablets (non-AB rated generic to OPANA® ER).

As of February 25, 2014, the company’s pipeline included:

  • 41 products pending at the FDA (23 controlled-release solid oral dosage, 14 other solid oral dosage and 4 alternative dosage form products)
  • 40 products under development (14 controlled-release solid oral dosage, 11 other solid oral dosage and 15 alternative dosage form products)

Global Pharmaceuticals' facilities and distribution centers provide the foundation for delivering products to our customers and partners worldwide.

Combined with the research and drug delivery expertise of our parent company, Impax Laboratories, Global Pharmaceuticals' product line has become a major source of generic medications.